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  1. armadalesoap

    Why did this go from green to brown?

    Green tea powder went from green to brown.... Bizarre. I'd love to know why?
  2. N

    Salt bars w/Kelp meal?

    So this may seem a bit odd... I keep goats and they get a bit of kelp meal as a treat with some dried peas and sunflower seeds. I've been going outside of my safety soaper zone alot lately with all sorts of fun things and i just can't get the salt bar with kelp meal out of my mind. I mean this...
  3. H

    Please tell me, kelp smell goes away?

    I've read several times that the fishy/seaweed smell goes away once cured but I still smell it. I used 2 tbsp kelp powder + 1 tsp spirulina powder mixed with 3oz olive oil, to which I added about 24oz soap batter, to create a nice green color to swirl with. My soap is scented with cedarwood. It...