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  1. lyschelw

    20% off Organic Golden Jojoba, Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera Gel (1X) - 3 days only

    Hello Everyone - Time for another sale just for you! For the next 3 days you can get 20% off 2oz , 15/16oz or 5lb/7lb sizes of Organic Golden Jojoba, Avocado Oil or Aloe Vera Gel (1x)! Simply enter the products and then enter the code at checkout - "SpringClean20" (Take off the quotes)...
  2. L

    New to M&P... question about Oils,jojoba, coconut,almond,newto soapmaking, M&P

    Hi everyone!!! I'm new to the soap making world, but am loving it so far!!! I've been practicing melt and pour soapmaking, I've gone through 25 lbs from Bramble Berry and just ordered another 25lbs from Bulk Apothecary. ( All of my friends and family have been receiving alot of soap from me!) My...