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  1. slspencer

    Glycerin rivers or lye heavy?

    It seems like this year sucks in general even for my soap making. I keep having new problems pop up, I've never seen this before in my soaps and I'm just making sure that it's not a lie issue. After cutting it there were some scraps and I then ph tested it and it seems fine, but what about the...
  2. slspencer


    I have been making soap for over a year now and have not come across any problems. That being said I had some issues with ricing today, I didn't blend it out (as I have not dealt with this before) and just put it into my loaf mold. Will I be able to use this soap or am I going to have to rebatch...
  3. A

    Strange Outcome in CP soap loafs

    Hi there, I am new to soapmaking and am using the CP method with silicone loaf molds. So far I have made 3 batches, all with the same recipe which was put through a soap calculator to confirm weights of all ingredients. All 3 have come out with a very weird texture on the loaf. It is not a dust...