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  1. TrueGold

    Help! What are these white bits?!

    Hello Everyone, Newbie here, I'm hoping someone could help me solve what this is (and excuse my naivety!): I've been making MP soap and love the process. I usually do base + fragrance oil + dye and leave them in the mould overnight before taking them out. Then it's packaged in a plastic...
  2. I

    Beginners question including lye and overheating

    Hello all. My last batch of soap turned into a disaster and I was hoping to understand, learn and move on from it. Please do forgive for such basic questions, I have only just started recently. I used 468 grams coconut oil, 150 almond oil (sweet), 124 grams lye and 234 grams water after using...
  3. slspencer

    Glycerin rivers or lye heavy?

    It seems like this year sucks in general even for my soap making. I keep having new problems pop up, I've never seen this before in my soaps and I'm just making sure that it's not a lie issue. After cutting it there were some scraps and I then ph tested it and it seems fine, but what about the...
  4. slspencer


    I have been making soap for over a year now and have not come across any problems. That being said I had some issues with ricing today, I didn't blend it out (as I have not dealt with this before) and just put it into my loaf mold. Will I be able to use this soap or am I going to have to rebatch...
  5. A

    Strange Outcome in CP soap loafs

    Hi there, I am new to soapmaking and am using the CP method with silicone loaf molds. So far I have made 3 batches, all with the same recipe which was put through a soap calculator to confirm weights of all ingredients. All 3 have come out with a very weird texture on the loaf. It is not a dust...