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    CPSR (UK) and additives... newbie very confused

    Hi all, first post on any forum in my life so bear with any mistakes please. I’ve received the paperwork to apply for CPSR and it seems very restrictive. With regard to colour/scent do I need to use up each of my 6 variations with each change of colour or fragrance/eo? Can I just say colour as...
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    Star San calculation

    I have received my shipment and made my first solution for my small containers, I will be appreciated if someone else checks my calculation one more time. I diluted 1 oz. of Star San in 8 lb. of tap water instead of 40 lb. and immersed my small containers in there, so in order to fix it I took...
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    Irish Lass Rebatching Method

    Hello everyone, I have been off the forum for several months to take care of my mom who was sick, She is doing better now. By the way I would like to thank the admins as I have recieved e-mails checking on me and asking me if I needed help with my password in case I lost it. It felt very good...