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  1. Lefty

    Hello from New England

    Hi There! I've been a soapmaker for about 4-5 years, and am now diving into the ins and outs of turning it into a part-time business. I have my first craft fair scheduled for mid-November (all of my soaps for the fair are made and on the curing racks), so now I'm working on finalizing insurance...
  2. M

    Affordable product liability insurance - does it exist?

    I am looking for any information where a small time operation, such as myself, can purchase product liability insurance. I cannot afford the Soapmaker's Guild for $520 a year, nor the Indie Insurance. I called RLI and it sounded promising and was something I could afford, but I was refused when...
  3. Lindy

    Canadian Members Read This

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. Hello fellow Canadians. The Canadian Association has undergone a name change to be able to...