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  1. U

    Differences for Florida CP vs less humid areas?

    Hi everyone! I am a cp soap maker in Virginia and have been lurking here for a few months. The info here is so good so thank you! My family is thinking of moving to Florida from Virginia (we used to live there but had to move due to work). I am concerned about how the change of weather will...
  2. 2018Apr31 - 2019July24 In Hawaii

    2018Apr31 - 2019July24 In Hawaii

    Salt Soap (1:1 salt:oils) humidity effect test: 2019July24 in Hawaii; soap is 15 months of age; at 4 weeks, the humidity in Hawaii resulted in this kind of beading within a much shorter timeframe; Conclusion: Longer exposure to humidity needed after a longer cure
  3. Nanditasr

    How to prevent soap from going soggy?

    So, now that it's the monsoon season, I have peculiar problem. All my bar soaps (the ones on the drying racks), were wonderfully dry all these days -- from last November to this April. Now that the rains have begun (and will persist until October!), the soaps have turned soft and moist. For...
  4. Mommysoaper

    Storage of CP in summer

    I have been worried about storage and curing of all my CP soaps during the summer. I used to live in GA and had central air and kept things very cool so I had no issues for previous summers, but we are now in upstate NY and the temps and humidity have been high! We have no AC in our new home...