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  1. EarthyEssentials

    HP soap with sugar scrub

    Hello everyone. I make HP soaps and I was trying to experiment with sugar and making a sugar scrub soap. I made sure my soap was cooled down to at least 170F, but my sugar seemed to still melt. I'm not sure if it was the heat or the liquid. Is there a foolproof way to add sugar to make a scrub...
  2. msunnerstood's HP Rim Soap

    msunnerstood's HP Rim Soap

    Entry photo by msunnerstood for June 2019 Rimmed Soap Challenge. This is an HP Black & White rimmed soap with embeds. Description link: https://www.soapmakingforum.com/threads/june-2019-smf-challenge-rimmed-soap-entry-thread.75490/#post-775325
  3. Danielle_WM

    Help- Large Chunks in HP Bastille-ish Soap. Cook Stages Did Not Look Like Pics.

    Hello, Been searching the threads and Google for some answers, but didn't quite find was I was looking for. I am not new to CP soap making, but I decided to give HP soap a try. I did a spin on bastille soap but added an exotic butter: Ucuuba. I've never had any issues with CP soap. My recipe...
  4. Dean

    Hot Process Water Discount

    Hi Soaperts. Got another question for you. What is the maximum amount that you have successfully water discounted HP soap? Please share your numbers in lye concentration (%) or water : lye ratio. Sorry to be so annoying but it aint easy becoming a self-taught chemist. Thanks in advance.
  5. F

    HP Honey Soap Blunder....

    So, I'm making some hp honey oatmeal soap, and I decided to add my honey at the beginning of my cook instead of at the end as I usually do. It's been in there about 30 mins and it's still a separated mess. Give it to me straight - is this batch doomed? :oops:
  6. VeronikaPrague

    HP SOAP newbie please advise

    Hello guys, I have been making CP soaps until now and have just ordered a crockpot and want to try HP soaps. The reason is that I feel a need to control what remains in the soaps and I dont want all my precious get damaged by lye. Hope my premise is right and that it's the same reason why most...
  7. Soul_Healthy

    Is there a natural vanilla fragrance for HP?

    I'm in desperate need for a way to make vanilla soap. I don't trust anything labeled vanilla EO because I don't believe it exists. I've also read that vanilla extract only lasts a while until the scent fades. Is there anyway to get the vanilla smell without using fragrance oil? I'm not saying...
  8. Soul_Healthy

    15% sf still drying out my skin!

    Hi. I started with 6-7% superfat months ago and have moved all the way up to 15%. None of it makes a difference. It still dries out my face. I do the HP method, and I wait until my ph paper is the color of 8-9. I use essential oils for fragrance, and even when I lower the coconut oil down to 20...
  9. A

    HP Embed Separated

    I've been doing hot process for some time now. I decided it was time to branch out and experiment with some embeds. The recipe for both the embed and base were the same except for the additives. One had Spirulina and Rosemary EO and was made 3 days in advanced. The main part of the soap had...
  10. W

    first colored bar soaps

    I have been doing HP soap bars for while now but I haven't tried coloring any yet. So yesterday I becided to try coloring a soap batch with some cocoa powder to see what comes out of it. I couldn't be happier with the results!
  11. Soul_Healthy

    Goat Milk Soap

    I have a problem. I made HP soap with a usual recipe (except I used half evaporated goat's milk and half water). It's extremely drying to the skin. I used two tbsp. of honey, 2 tbsp. oatmeal, 1/4 calendula blossoms, and about 2 tbsp. of vanilla bean paste. The milk was frozen, but the mixture...
  12. Amber123

    Going to do my first HP and nervous

    I've done CP and M&P but never HP...idk why but it frightens me...Im prepping some beer for beer soap and I really don't want to wait the 6 weeks to cure for this one..so I'm gonna HP it so I can use it right away. Any tips for me? Things I need to remember ..things you may have forgotten on...
  13. B

    Using beer as your liquid

    Hi everyone! I am fairly new here and have been making soap for about 4 months now, both bar and liquid, so I am no where near a expert! I have been reading some recipes where they are using beer as the liquid. My question is; what benefits are there from using beer in your soap? I am in need...