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  1. Draugr Rekkr

    What is this and can I fix it by putting it back into the pot?

    I think I know what this is (glycerin rivers) but I'm a little confused because I only see stuff about it for CP soap. This is a HP shaving soap recipe that I'm working on at the moment it uses lanolin and Shea butter as side ingredients as well as 2 table of glycerin. Any suggestions?
  2. sandy1919

    hp soap making question

    I've been making cp soap for a long time for family and friends. In all that time, there have been only one or two batches that have developed orange spots. Last year I tried hp processing and 4 out of five of my batches developed orange spots and also became rancid. I used the same oils I...
  3. S

    Hot Process turns to dough in 1 hr. 45 min.

    I apologize if this problem has already been addressed in another thread. I tried to search for hot process problems, but didn't have much luck. I'm sure inexperience is a huge factor, because I have only tried 2 HP batches, each a different recipe. Both were cooked on low in my crock pot...