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  1. Reto Spescha

    Weak and waxy hot throw, please help!

    Hello, I am new to candle making and I am sure this has been discussed before, but I just wonder if you could help me with a fresh opinion. I am using 464 golden brands wax and I use about 8%-10% fragrance oils in my testing candles. Now the cold throw is amazing, however, the hot throw seems...
  2. H

    Q about using paraffin wax in with soy wax for tarts

    i have a question: I have soy wax marketed specifically for wax tarts but I’m not impressed with the cold and hot throw of the EO I use at 6%. So I wanted to use some of the paraffin Art Minds (Michael’s craft store) as a mixer to increase the throw. But what is the proper calculation of...
  3. Karen Korkmaz

    No Hot Throw

    I have tried 5 different soy waxes. Get a strong cold throw but no hot throw on my melts and candles. Tried essential oils and fragrance oils cured them for days but still nothing. Heating wax and pouring at exact temperatures. Running out if ideas now. After spending over £60 on wax im ready to...