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  1. Marissa Uhler

    Steeping herbs in lye water

    I have a question about steeping dried herbs in the lye water in soap making... I been making cold-process soap for several years. In order to infuse herbs into my soap at times when I don't want the ground herb directly in the bar (like a shampoo bar), I would usually make a hot-water infusion...
  2. Savage Daughter

    Newly joined - soapmaker in a previous life LOL

    Hello to everyone, Thought it might be a good idea to join this forum as I'm about to jump back into soapmaking - boxes of supplies being delivered daily now - which I got into in the mid-90s before I took a left turn & ended up doing corporate IT work. I loved soapmaking, lived, ate & breathed...
  3. MrsZ

    Dyes, Micas, or Natural Colorants for Beginners?

    I apologize if this has already been covered. I tried searching and couldn't find what I was looking for. I would like to play around a little with simple swirls, or even solid color bars in my basic soap recipe. But, I have no idea what to use for Colorants. I've seen mica powders, liquid...
  4. Kcryss

    Herbs For Hair - Sharing

    Everyone has been so helpful that I wanted to share a little herbal knowledge. These are various herbs that are good for hair with a little detail on what each does. This is not all my own, but rather info I've picked up here and there over the last year or so. I just don't want to take all the...
  5. alycia_v

    Do the medicinal properties of herbs make it through the soapmaking process?

    Hi, I'm new to soapmaking but I am an experienced crafter and do-it-yourselfer :razz: I am working on a soap recipe for my Chinese herbal medicine class and I have a few questions. 1. I have seen oil and lye infusions using herbs. Do the medicinal properties of the substances make it through...
  6. S

    Hair balm

    Does any one have a good recipe for hair balm? One that is great on frizzy hair but soaks in fast and I can add herbs to?
  7. debinnnc

    Hey from North Carolina!

    Just found you and wanted to say hey. I've been making soap since 1995 and own an herb farm in Old Fort, NC. I have more fun making soap than anything, but I do some other things as well. I sell my product at the tailgate markets in the area and teach soap making and other herbal product...