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  1. WhittanyWho

    Whittany Who?

    I’ve found SMF very helpful over the years, but I’ve never signed up to participate in discussions. One of my soap sisters invited me to challenge with her, and here I am getting started so I can do so eventually. I’m a full time math teacher and a small time soap maker. I’m glad to join and see...
  2. EllieMae

    Hello from total newbie!

    Just wanted to pop in here and say hello to everyone! I'm a complete newbie to soap making (attempted my first cold process batch last week and it *sorta* turned out) so I anticipate lurking on this forum a lot in the future! Thanks for having me :)
  3. MayraAchar

    HI SoapMaking Forum! Hi to all! Saying hi from Argentina ;)

    Hi to everyone! My name is Mayra, i am starting a business of organic cosmetic in Argentina. I already create some soap bars, so now i am in process of spanding skills, and formulations, and add new products. I am from Argentina, Southamerica. I have 33 years old, and i am in the cosmetic...
  4. Kelly Frizzell

    NewBEE from Saskatchewan says "Hello"

    Hello, I have always loved learning, DIY, and doing crafts and now that I am retired from teaching (June 2105) I have more time to do and try many things. We have one son but are empty nesters; I live with my husband, who is also a retired (June 2018) teacher, our two Harlequin Great Danes, four...