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  1. EllieMae

    Hello from total newbie!

    Just wanted to pop in here and say hello to everyone! I'm a complete newbie to soap making (attempted my first cold process batch last week and it *sorta* turned out) so I anticipate lurking on this forum a lot in the future! Thanks for having me :)
  2. MayraAchar

    HI SoapMaking Forum! Hi to all! Saying hi from Argentina ;)

    Hi to everyone! My name is Mayra, i am starting a business of organic cosmetic in Argentina. I already create some soap bars, so now i am in process of spanding skills, and formulations, and add new products. I am from Argentina, Southamerica. I have 33 years old, and i am in the cosmetic...
  3. Kelly Frizzell

    NewBEE from Saskatchewan says "Hello"

    Hello, I have always loved learning, DIY, and doing crafts and now that I am retired from teaching (June 2105) I have more time to do and try many things. We have one son but are empty nesters; I live with my husband, who is also a retired (June 2018) teacher, our two Harlequin Great Danes, four...