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  1. Val’s5

    Sharing nourishing winter soap recipe?

    Would anyone like to share a WINTER ❄️ nourishing CP recipe for my family? Thanks!
  2. JuneP

    I'm home!

    Me and my furry kids came home yesterday after two months of living and under the care of relatives who also happen to be great friends. I'm still on my walker but able to put 50% of my body weight on my healing leg. It felt so good to sleep in my own bed and be able to be strong enough to take...
  3. JuneP

    Some good news for a change

    Latest xrays show my fractured, put together with metal, leg is healing well and as of two days ago I can put 25% of my body weight on my healing leg. After two week I can up that to 50% and two weeks after that I can put 100% of my weight on it and can drive again! This amounts to being 2 weeks...