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  1. Greenmeadow

    A rose garden inspired soap

    Made this soap with my daughter,inspired by the bunch of roses she got for her 20th birthday ! Used coconut oil, Palm , olive , Shea butter and castor oil , fragranced with Vanilla sandalwood patchouli and and a hint of nectarine blossom . Multilayers poured and hanger swirled it in 8s and came...
  2. Greenmeadow

    Garden mint soap my first attempt to Ione's hanger swirl soap

    A soap inspired by Ione's video on YouTube garden mint soap from Eve's Garden Soap , just loving her tecnique of swirling in 8's ! Used 3 tones of green , deffo a bit more contrast would've worked better . Although I'm pleased with the result , any feedback very much appreciated thanks !
  3. A

    Hanger Swirl / Gear tie

    Hi there! This is my very first post on SMF! Yay! Thanks to all the posters in this community. You've been soooo helpful! so, I am starting to experiment with design and don't want to buy any more tools, But I have a huge crush on the hanger swirl and hidden feather. Is there a go to that...
  4. seven

    Papaya-coconut milk, some kind of tiger stripes, and rose soaps :)

    this one is papaya-coconut milk combo. the orange one is obviously papaya. i cheated a bit by adding just a dash of color coz i dont want this part to go brown. the white one is coconut milk. did the hanger swirl, and scented with toasted coconut mixed with a dash of coconut lime verbena...
  5. amanda_hughes

    just tried hanger swirl for the first time!!!

    I am crossing my fingers, toes and eyes. I just tried the hanger swirl. I made a 2lb batch and split it up and colored one orange using turmeric and the other green with green oxide. They mixed up perfectly. I added tangerine fo to the orange half and peppermint to the green half. Then just...
  6. Mommysoaper

    Mint chocolate

    This is a mint chocolate soap I made recently. Smells like thin mints and I love it! I tried a hanger swirl and I think it cam out ok. I had tried a hanger swirl before, but it didn't come out well. This time I used a McDonald's straw and taped it over the hanger to make it thicker and...