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  1. Bubz

    Delicate swirl

    Really like how this turned out. I need to make a light box asap. I'm using the noon sun and everything looks more yellow than it really is. The pink isn't washed out and yellow are more subtle in person. Used BB Pink Grapefruit, Mad Micas Ballet slipper(10% batter), Bright yellow rain coat...
  2. Serene  2022AugSMF entry.jpg

    Serene 2022AugSMF entry.jpg

    @Serene entry for August 2022 SMF Challenge - Dual Swirl Techniques in one Soap
  3. WhittanyWho

    Beer and Hard Cider Soaps

    These behaved better than any beer soaps I’ve ever made before. I’m just a little excited at how these turned out. This one is made with truck stop honey ale, scented in Kentucky bourbon, and colored with mad micas. This one is made with angry orchard hard cider, scented in an Aqua di gio...
  4. Greenmeadow

    A rose garden inspired soap

    Made this soap with my daughter,inspired by the bunch of roses she got for her 20th birthday ! Used coconut oil, Palm , olive , Shea butter and castor oil , fragranced with Vanilla sandalwood patchouli and and a hint of nectarine blossom . Multilayers poured and hanger swirled it in 8s and came...
  5. Greenmeadow

    Garden mint soap my first attempt to Ione's hanger swirl soap

    A soap inspired by Ione's video on YouTube garden mint soap from Eve's Garden Soap , just loving her tecnique of swirling in 8's ! Used 3 tones of green , deffo a bit more contrast would've worked better . Although I'm pleased with the result , any feedback very much appreciated thanks !
  6. A

    Hanger Swirl / Gear tie

    Hi there! This is my very first post on SMF! Yay! Thanks to all the posters in this community. You've been soooo helpful! so, I am starting to experiment with design and don't want to buy any more tools, But I have a huge crush on the hanger swirl and hidden feather. Is there a go to that...
  7. seven

    Papaya-coconut milk, some kind of tiger stripes, and rose soaps :)

    this one is papaya-coconut milk combo. the orange one is obviously papaya. i cheated a bit by adding just a dash of color coz i dont want this part to go brown. the white one is coconut milk. did the hanger swirl, and scented with toasted coconut mixed with a dash of coconut lime verbena...
  8. amanda_hughes

    just tried hanger swirl for the first time!!!

    I am crossing my fingers, toes and eyes. I just tried the hanger swirl. I made a 2lb batch and split it up and colored one orange using turmeric and the other green with green oxide. They mixed up perfectly. I added tangerine fo to the orange half and peppermint to the green half. Then just...
  9. Mommysoaper

    Mint chocolate

    This is a mint chocolate soap I made recently. Smells like thin mints and I love it! I tried a hanger swirl and I think it cam out ok. I had tried a hanger swirl before, but it didn't come out well. This time I used a McDonald's straw and taped it over the hanger to make it thicker and...