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  1. S

    Hello from Maine

    Hello, my name is Carrie and I'm very excited about joining this group. My love of soaping grows more and more everyday. Looking forward to learning much and to share here too.
  2. S

    My transparent soap story.

    Hi! This is my first soap post. I’ve been trying to make transparent soap. Recipe went well and during cook, the soap was totally clear. I could see to the bottom of my pot and into China. Next with clarity test using cold water in a clear glass the soap looked like glass. Sounds great right...
  3. Bex1982

    Can't get over how cool these soaps look and sound

    I found this site a few days back and looked at every soap they have. What do you all think? I wonder how they get soap stamps for every kind of soap they make? I bet they payed a lot but they look pretty big-time. http://naturalhandcraftedsoap.com/
  4. Beany

    Desert Sunrise

    Finally!!!! I have a moment to post a pic or two of my latest projects. Here is one I have called Desert Sunset. It is scented with Sandalwood FO and Patchouli EO. Trying out my new photo box too!