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  1. N

    Hair perfume?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase a product that I can add fragrance oil to to make a hair perfume spray? TIA
  2. Kcryss

    Herbs For Hair - Sharing

    Everyone has been so helpful that I wanted to share a little herbal knowledge. These are various herbs that are good for hair with a little detail on what each does. This is not all my own, but rather info I've picked up here and there over the last year or so. I just don't want to take all the...
  3. Zany_in_CO

    Oils for liquid shampoo

    OILS FOR LIQUID SHAMPOO (Source: Unknown. It includes some of my additions. This has been in my files so long, I don't remember where it came from. Please let me know if you know the author.) In addition to Coconut Oil or Palm Kernel Oil for good cleansing and lather, balance your formula using...
  4. Nanditasr

    Gelatin or hair protein in bar soap?

    I have read about gelatin being good on the skin (and it adds a lot of bounce to my hair), so I started to wonder if anyone has used gelatin in bar soap. Besides, I don't have easy access to lard or tallow or suet, so I am hoping that the addition of this animal protein to an otherwise vegan...
  5. N

    Newbie alert!! Dr bronners diy for shampoo??? Help I'm so confused

    Hi, I'm new to soap making and I'm really confused whats the best way to make liquid soap for shampoo? I'm told the bars don't work as good! In just changing from store bought shampoo as I'm having alot of hair loss! Of seem the Dr bronners and wanted to make my own? Does anyone have a basic...
  6. trentmcl

    Emulsifying advice

    Hi All, This is my first post and i need to be honest. I'm looking at making a pomade and have found that soap makers are possibly the BEST people to get advice from when it comes to ingredients (both natural and chemical). I was wondering if anyone can help me with the below set of...
  7. D

    Vegan pomade recipe questions

    Hi all, First time posting (and I'm not sure this is the right forum). I've been making my own soap and hair product for over a year now. The pomade I use is made of soy wax, Shea Butter, and Castor oil. I find that if I use enough soy wax to get the hold I want for coarse hair, the end...
  8. F

    What to include in a great shampoo bar recipe?

    Hiya guys! I keep getting bugged to do a shampoo bar and honestly - I have no idea where to even start on what to include! Everyone's hair is so different I haven't wanted to get into solid shampoo, but have decided to take the plunge and trial some recipes on family hair :shifty: What...
  9. S

    Hair balm

    Does any one have a good recipe for hair balm? One that is great on frizzy hair but soaks in fast and I can add herbs to?