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  1. shermluge

    I've seen others do this Had to try

    Loofah in a soap: I didn't have a pipe handy (how I've seen it done before) so I thought I would make a difficult attempt in a loaf mold with a loofah on its side.. Took some thinking of the best way and I believe I found it. It of course was real fun to cut.
  2. elurah

    Brainstorming: Experiences with Preservatives, Antioxidants, and Chelating agents in Soap

    Hi all, Discussion in another thread concerning DOS prompted my interest in additives that reduce the risk of fatty acid oxidation and rancidity in soap. This paper mentions different combinations including ROE +EDTA and BHT + Sodium...
  3. KCupcake

    Green Soap!? Ah!

    Hi everyone! I'm EXTREMELY new to soap making and had just completed my first recipe a few days ago. Of course, this new experience brought on the feelings/thoughts of "Holy smokes! I made my first soap!!! I AM AWESOME!!!". Making the soap had a few of crap moments. I poured in accidentally 20g...