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  1. armadalesoap

    Why did this go from green to brown?

    Green tea powder went from green to brown.... Bizarre. I'd love to know why?
  2. Dianae

    South of France Green Tea dupe

    There are a couple of products who’s scents are similar and I’m looking to duplicate: The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea and the South of France Green Tea. I emailed the SoF and they kindly shared which Essential oils they used (see below). I wanted to make a laundry soap using these but quickly...
  3. L

    DAYSTAR The Green Tea?

    Have you tried it? Thoughts? I am in Canada, and unfortunately MMS won't sell me their green tea.
  4. T

    Best Black Tea and Green Tea FOs?

    Hello. I'm pretty new to FOs so I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the best quality and best smelling oils. I've used fragranceoilfinder as a resource, but it pulls up about a dozen websites. Brambleberry has a green tea and black tea FO. Is anyone familiar with those ones? I was thinking of...
  5. L

    Green Tea Fragrance

    I purchased green tea fragrance from sweetcakes. It is amazing, but does not stick at all! I mixed it with osmanthus today fingers crossed it sticks better. This mix seizes though. Any green tea fragrance suggestions?