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  1. Lamanchagirl

    Liquid goats milk soap recipe?!?!.! Anyone

    I have been searching for a liquid goat's milk soap recipe for several days now and I can't seem to find one can anybody share one they might have it would be greatly appreciated. Between taking care of the goats and the Heat I am worn out I can barely see the computer to post this thread again...
  2. MatthewDM

    "Goat milk" OR "goat's milk"

    What is the proper way of say it? Goat's milk soap or goat milk soap
  3. L

    Using PVC to mold goat milk soap

    I am a newbie! I want to make a facial bar of goat milk soap in PVC pipe. What is your experience with milk soap in PVC? Do you put it in the freezer? etc???
  4. M

    Newbie CP soap maker looking for some help

    Hello Everyone, I just made my 8th batch of CP goat's milk soap. It was about 7 lbs of soap and my biggest batch. I had more soap than what would fit into my loaf mold so I put the rest of it in a 3" pvc pipe mold which filled about 6 " of it. I wasn't prepared for the extra soap so by the...