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  1. MellonFriend

    Whimsical Bagels and Pure Goat Tallow

    Yesterday I made a batch of salt bars using a recipe that @Obsidian shared. They are scented with Nurture Soap Champagne and they also have poppy seeds and cornmeal in them. Because of the poppy seeds I figured "bagels" was a more accurate description than "doughnuts". I had wonderfully fluid...
  2. Ladka

    Goat tallow from a he-goat

    I've been just given goat tallow + sheep tallow in raw state. I'm going to cut and melt it. It is obtained from a he-goat and from a ram. The Soapmaking Recipe Builder & Lye Calculator gives SAPs for sheep 0.138 and for goat 0.137. I'm so grateful for the calculator to do all the calculation...