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  1. M

    Goat’s milk M&P base, EO fragrance question(s)

    I’m using a goat milk m&p base (Our Earth’s Secrets) and I want to make a soap with Lavender, Sandalwood, and Lemon Eucalyptus EOs. Do you guys think it would be a good fragrance combination? Its main thing is to help repel mosquitoes. Any advice is welcome and appreciated!
  2. P

    Greetings and Wow!

    Hi, new guy here. Never made soaps before but looking into it for 2 reasons. One, my 5 year old daughter is interested in making soap. We have a small homestead in N. Alabama, in addition to raising farm animals and growing foods, learning how to utilize, preserve, and store all of this stuff is...
  3. MellonFriend

    Mellon's Showcase

    Just thought I'd like to start a soap showcase of my own to keep track of my batches. :) I make almost all of my soap with goat milk unless otherwise specified. After a few months hiatus I made a little six bar batch using a new recipe which I'm developing as my standard majority goat tallow...
  4. L

    GM soap - Lye mixing

    I know this sounds like a dumb question... but I'm going to fire it anyway. I LOVE Goat Milk soap. However, mixing lye into frozen goat milk is... well.... time-consuming and lots of elbow grease. Just keep mixing x 5000 I have a kitchen aid mixer at home. I wonder if I can use that for goat...
  5. Keaaukb

    Advice for scaling up Goat Milk Soap to large batches

    I am currently working with 18-lb batches of cold process GMS and want to go bigger, (how big? I guess I’m here to ask what’s possible). I’m a bit hesitant and looking for pointers… I’ve been making cold- and hot-process soaps for several years, have the basics down and am happy with my soaps...
  6. S

    Goat Milk Soap

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I would appreciate the advice of thos experienced experienced making Goat Milk Soap. I made a goat milk soap through CP, usijg frozen goat Milk. I learned how difficult it is to know when your lye has fully dissolved in the goats milk. I thought perhaps my...
  7. EllieMae

    First Goat Milk Soaps!

    I finally got around to trying goat milk soaps and they actually turned out successful!!! I was so nervous about scorching the milk, or getting too hot by using honey for the first time. But it all worked out and I’m so relieved. thank you to everyone on this forum for all the advice!!! You’re...
  8. EllieMae

    How to use Goat Milk in CP recipe

    I *think* I now have a favourite CP recipe after about 10 batches that I would like to now try making with goat milk for the first time. I have some questions that I *think* I know the answers to, but would love confirmation before I attempt! 1. To use goat milk would I simply replace the water...
  9. TheGecko

    Goat Milk Soap Separation

    I made my first batch of GMS yesterday and put it to bed in the garage. Silicone mold, lightly covered with plastic wrap and a sweat jacket. Pulled it out this morning and it looked a little pitted on top with about maybe, 3/8" of floating oil. Pulled it out of the mold, set it on some...
  10. serene_caprine

    Curing in the Fridge

    Hello! *Finally* I have achieve a cream-colored goat milk soap. Didn't burn the lactose at all, for now at least. It only took me 2 hours to accomplish :rolleyes: but I couldn't be happier with the way it looks. I mixed they lye and milk in an ice batch this time. Mixed 71* lye with 80*...
  11. serene_caprine

    Coloring Soap/Staining

    Hello! I have been making goat milk soap for a short while now and I am getting tired of the dull-brown color I usually get from it. I have concocted a new recipe and I assume if I keep it in an ice bath (while making) and then in the fridge (while curing) I will have a much lighter color to...
  12. Alison9712

    New from Oregon

    Greetings, I'm new to this site, from Oregon. I made my first batch of CP soap about 15 years ago, and made a few batches since then. I recently got out all my supplies, bought some new molds and made a batch of Olive Oil soap, and tried a new (to me) recipe for goat milk soap. I have many...
  13. C

    Lining Soap Molds

    Hi all, I'm about to endeavor on making my first batch of soap. The soap mold similar to the one I'll be using is linked below. Do I need to line it? If so, with what? Thanks, ACB http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00998NJCU/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
  14. M

    Uses for Zinc Oxide in CP Soap

    I regularly use titanium dioxide to whiten my goat milk soap but when I ordered supplies I accidently ordered Zinc Oxide instead. I don't want it to go to waste and am looking to this group for tips on how to use it. I found a recipe for "calamine soap" that used a large amount 1/2 c. to 3/4 c...
  15. MatthewDM

    "Goat milk" OR "goat's milk"

    What is the proper way of say it? Goat's milk soap or goat milk soap
  16. MatthewDM

    Raw goats milk

    Anyone know a good place to purchase raw goats milk in southern ca or online?
  17. L

    PVC & milk soap

    I want to make a CP facial, goat milk soap. I would like to mold it in PVC. I am wondering about putting it in the freezer, etc??? Any suggestions...:confused:
  18. J

    Best mold for GM

    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie and I've just been lurking for the past couple of weeks, soaking up all the great info available here. You all are great and I've learned so much! I only have 2 batches CP under my belt, but I can already tell this is going to be a near obsession for me. Anyway...
  19. S

    First Goat Milk Soap

    Hello. I am making my very first goat milk cp batch and want to know if the milk/lye solution is supposed to be this bright yellow? I don't think I scorched the milk but would love some feedback as to whether the finished bars will look closer to white or brown. I mixed powdered goat milk...
  20. seven

    Simple white soap, cake soap, and cupcakes

    Latest additions: eucalyptus swirls, castile, aloe-poppy to see my new soaps.. please click here my latest additions.. This one is just a simple white soap made with organic goat's milk (milk in oil method). I left it unscented, just add some TD to make the color creamy white My 1st...