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  1. soaprincess

    Wine soap

    Hi! I'm new to the soap fandom so I thought making glycerin soap was a good and simple start. I've only been making soap that way (glycerin, a nice essential oil, soap colorant and sometimes poppy seeds or any other cool one.) The thing is, my friend had a great red wine glycerin soap and I...
  2. A

    Can I masterbatch KOH + glycerin?

    I've been using the glycerin method, and I love how foolproof it's been for us! I'm wondering if I could just masterbatch a KOH+glycerine mixture (1:3 dilution). Has anyone tried it before? Do you know how long I can keep it for before something goes wrong with the solution? What kind of...
  3. S

    Glycerin method cloudiness after cooking

    I researched the heck out of this glycerin method before attempting it. I watched what seems to be the inky 2 videos about it on YouTube and I have Failor's book. I tried combining one if Failor's recipes ( percentages only b/c I didn't want to waste that much paste if it went awry) I used...