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  1. spiritpots

    gel phase question

    I'm new to soap making and just unmolded and cut my fourth batch of CP soap and notice that the bars have a darker edge around all sides. This recipe for lavender mint soap includes avocado oil and a little cocoa butter in addition to olive, coconut and castor oils. I made this soap six days ago...
  2. S

    after making batch larger the soap gelled in the middle

    Hi. I need help with this. I have made a Room temperature method soap, same recipe for 4 yrs now. Have always made it in 500g batches. And then poured into single soap silicone forms after. Getting 20 single soaps out of the batch Now I wanted to make double as much. A 1000g batch with the...
  3. D

    Papaya Soap gelled! Is it safe? HELP!

    Hi Are gelled fruit soaps usable? And how long are they fine to use before they go moldy? I just made my first fruit CP soap. I pureed Papaya finely and added it to my traced soap and mixed.Poured it in my silicone mold and left it in front of the fan (without insulation). Yet my CP PAPAYA SOAP...