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  1. Compostkat

    Hello from Vermont

    Hi, I’m Kathy from Bee Tender Farm in Shelburne, Vermont. I have recently begun making products using resources from my apiary and gardens and look forward to sharing my trials and tribulations with you all!
  2. JuneP

    Walking on my own!

    Today is the first day I can start walking on my own! No more walker! The muscles are tight but working OK. A friend is coming over this afternoon and after lunch we're heading for the garden and she's going to help me with some cleanup and harvesting. There's a lot of old lettuce to pull...
  3. kharmon320

    Need a good Daisy dupe

    Anyone used the Daisy type by Nature's Garden? It doesn't get very good reviews for sticking in cp soap on the website. I see that Daystar also offers one, but it's expensive. I have a co-worker who is really begging me to try Daisy. SSRB only had 2 reviews. Thanks!
  4. D

    Pumpkin... But not for Hallows.

    I know that "tis the season" for folks to be eyeballing the pumpkin scents. But I'm looking for one that could be a bit more year round. If that makes sense? All of the pumpkin scents I've Googled seem to mention pies or cinnamon or sugar, stuff like that... But I'd like one that is just a...