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  1. O

    Natural food colorants from veggies and fruits in soap?

    Hello again :) Since where I live there is no way I'll find any soap colorants, I was thinking what if I use natural food colors? I will make them myself, for example concentrated blackberry paste, carrot juice, spinach juice..They will be concentrated into paste-like consistency, but some...
  2. Bex1982

    Why don't fresh fruit etc. rot in CP soap

    I'd like to add avocado to one of my soaps but since it's so mushy and prone to rot in "real" life I can't wrap my brain around why it wouldn't go bad in CP soap.
  3. Oenone

    Green tea/persimmon soap

    I'm trying to make a persimmon soap for my dad, who's worried about old man smell. He's really into the idea that a green tea and persimmon soap will help with that. I think that's where he got the idea from. Anyways, I was...