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  1. MellonFriend

    Do I Have to Pre-thaw Frozen Oils?

    I have some tallow in the freezer that I would like to use here soon to make soap, but I'm so busy that I'm not sure when I'm going to get to it. Do I have to thaw out the tallow before I melt it down with the rest of my oils or can I just take it directly out of the freezer, hack off what I...
  2. Ladka

    Very old frozen sheep tallow

    As I started planning on my next batch of soap I remembered I must have some sheep tallow in my freezer. I really had a bottle of rendered sheep tallow from a sheep breeder friend. The label bears the date 1 December 2015. I slowly thawed it to get some out of the bottle: it looks whitish and...
  3. L

    the Lye Lied!!!!!

    I mixed my lye and it appeared to dissolve as I stirred it - temp = 203 degrees. The lye was 4 years old in an unopened container & plastic bagged stored in a cupboard in my garage. When I went back to check the temp again about 3 to 4 tiny beads had formed. I mushed them with my spoon and...