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  1. SpaceCorgi94

    Chocolate fudge Sundae soap (With soft serve piping!)

    So I made this soap today. It's my first ever piped soap. I'm ecstatic with how everything came out. The piping, while lacking in skill, had a beautiful texture, the Chocolate Melange fragrance oil smelled amazing (albeit, it did speed up my tracing, which caused a design hiccup), and I'm so...
  2. SpaceCorgi94

    How to prevent soap frosting from breaking away from the soap it's piped on top of?

    I've started looking into soap tutorials and methods for soapmaking where I can add an additional layer of soap onto my loaf that adds height and mass (and design) to the bars so soap past cutting. However I'm able to find very little about how to make sure that the frosting adheres to the soap...
  3. RKrynicki

    Combining recipes on SoapMaker 3

    I have been making some soap with frosting on top, but I have no idea how to enter it into the Soapmaker 3 program without having the frosting recipe separate. Is there a way to combine the base and frosting recipes? I would like to sell these bars and I wish there was a better way of doing it...
  4. J

    M&P frosting, cant get it right

    I'm new to melt and pour soaping and I really want to create cakes and cupcakes. I have tried and tried to make frosting, but I can't get it. I'm using melted white melt and pour base and liquid glycerine (2 tablespoons per every 4 oz. of m&p) and then I whip it with a hand mixer. But EVERY...
  5. LittleBunny

    How Much Piping?

    I am completely new to soap making but I'm confidant (maybe overly confidant) I can figure this out pretty quickly. I have been researching and formulating ideas, recipes and learning techniques for months and I have finally bit the bullet and purchased my supplies. I am about to make my...