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  1. A

    Discontinued fragrance oil help

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know a similar fragrance to Brambleberry black cherry? I did a preorder and went to order and it’s gone 😭 this is an important part of My Collection and I’m trying to figure out an alternative. Also any dupes To electric lemonade? Or black Tea From Brambleberry? Also...
  2. Michelle Meade

    Can I add fragrance to already scented soap when rebatching?

    I want to make a soap base from my soap scraps. So that I can use it in sugar scrubs, is it okay for me to put fragrance in the rebatched soap scraps that have already had fragrance in them? If so, how much should I use?
  3. Dwilson9

    How to enhance fragrance in bath bombs

    How do i enhance the scent of my bathbombs? is there an ingredient i can add? things i should look for in a fragrance oil? are there maybe fragrance oils in powder form?.. so i don’t max out my wet ingredient percentage trying to make scent stronger by adding more of the FO. are there different...
  4. chrismorgan007

    Fixatives use in Anhydrous Body Butter Formulations

    Is anyone using a fixative in their anhydrous body butter formulations to prolong the scent of fragrance oils? If so, what are your recommendations. Thank you.
  5. A

    Fragrance “philosophy” for confetti soap

    Hi all, (this is my first post- apologies for any mistakes!) How do you scent your confetti soap? I’ve made ten or so batches of soap, and I’m hooked! I’ve saved my beveled edges, and I’ve cut up some soaps that are safe to use/smell good but were cut too small/unevenly to give away. I’d...
  6. msuver

    Using old fragrance oils?

    Does anyone have experience using "old" fragrance oils? I have taken a 1.5 year hiatus from soap making. Obviously my soaping oils are all off and need to be replaced, but I'd hate to lose my extensive collection of fragrance oils! I need to do a full inventory and check their expiration dates...
  7. K

    Mixing essential/fragrance oils after dilution

    I have recently made my first batch of liquid soap (paste) but have a couple questions regarding mixing in essential/fragrance oils. I purchased some polysorbate 80 but should I mix the polysorbate 80 with the EO/FO before mixing it into the diluted LS or can I add the polysorbate 80 into the...
  8. spiritpots

    Curing soaps and essential oil scents

    I have what is perhaps an unusual question regarding the smell of essential oils as my soap cures. I cure my soaps on a bakers rack in my office in my house and generally make a couple batches (two dozen bars) every month or so and have never found the scent of the curing soap to be an issue...
  9. B

    Fragrance for Sea Themed Soap

    I was planning to make some under sea themed soap for my niece on her birthday. But, I dont know what fragrance to use. The only fragrance come to my mind is aqua, but, kids wont like it. I am from India, so, fragrance options are less here. I made a trial soap today, attaching the pic. Can...
  10. H

    Best Vendord for Sweet/Dessert Fragarences?

    Hello, I’m a newbie to soap making and recently got into it as a hobby during the quarantine, specifically the melt and pour process. Previously, I was just using essentials oils around my house as fragarence but now I want to start buying morefragarence oils for my soap bars. I really like...
  11. VeggieOPeach

    How to Keep Soap Scents From Fading?

    Hello again, About two to three days ago I created two batches of separate soap and added the fragrance oils into the mixture. I tried adding enough (I'm still unsure about accurate measurements of oils) and the scent came out great. I allowed them to cure during the 24 - 48 hour process, but...
  12. E

    Fragrance oil

    I've spent the last couple of weeks getting used to making soap with no fragrance to get the skills of mixing and piping, now I want to use fragrance oils so do I have to substitute some of my oils for the fragrance or just add it to my existing recipe with no modifications?
  13. M

    fragrance / essential oils

    is it safe to use fragrance oil in cold process dish washing soap? I made a soap that was intended for body use but just too drying for the skin. I’ve seen a good amount of dish washing recipes with 100% CO . I’m wondering if I could use up the soap for washing dishes so it doesn’t waste :) I...
  14. SpaceCorgi94

    Any real way of finding/figuring out fragrance oil weight online?

    So I'm new to soapmaking, starting to look into incorporating scents into my soap. Golden rule up to this point of course being, measure by weight, not volume. However, every website seems to exclusively sell their product in mls, not g(rams). Some I've even found have links to recipe...
  15. MarnieSoapien

    Oh honey

    I'm looking for some ideas and inspiration. I have a Wildflower and Honey FO that I don't love and I thought I might like it more if I blended it with another scent. Out of the bottle it reminds me of play-dough but after the cure it develops into more of a honey scent. The obvious choice is...
  16. C

    My go to fragrance oil companies

    Hey! I’ve been making soap for about 2 years and my 2 favorite fragrance oil companies are he has some great oils at reasonable prices and does deals when you buy multiples. The site is a little outdated but manageable. He’s based out of Pennsylvania and living in NYS I get my...
  17. E

    Blending fragrance oils (FO)

    Is there an advantage to blending FOs to order instead of mixing a large blend ahead of time? I have a complicated FO blend that I mix together right before making a batch of candles. I’d love to mix all of the oils ahead of time in one big batch and then have the blend ready to go so that I...
  18. SuperPeanutify

    I cannot for the life of me find the answer!

    This may be a stupid question but I just want to make sure I get things right. So with adding fragrance for example it is advised to put 5% PPO. However my thinking is let’s say my total oil is 500g. Do you add 5% which is 25g on top of 500g making it 525g total or is the fragrance oil part of...
  19. AliciaE

    EO vs FO: Thoughts???

    Hey y’all! I just recently started soaping and I have been making A LOT lately while trying to get the lay of the land. My recipes in the soapcalc are calling for around 1-1.5 oz of fragrance give or take. That seems like a lot to me... I would really like to use essential oil to keep my soap...
  20. cmzaha

    Destash Etiquette

    I think it should be added somewhere when a disclosure is posted for a sale that the items be listed and everyone has a chance to see what is being sold. When a sale is handled only by pm's is causes hard feelings and one wonders if they really had a shot at purchasing the item/items. If the...