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  1. Black raspberry vanilla- first cut

    Black raspberry vanilla- first cut

    Cut really easily however, Ive noticed some discoloration in this batch, its grey-blue instead of purple like the mica I used.. not sure if it’s because of the FO or the oils used but it smells SO GOOD!
  2. M

    Skin Scent

    I put fragrances and eo in my m&p soap and they eo does fine and the scent stays on the skin for awhile. Is there anything I can do or something I can add to the soap to make the scent last on the skin?
  3. McLasz

    Mica, FO & Vanilla Stabilizer Questions?

    Hi All- I'm new to this forum and to soap making, and like so many others I have watched a year of videos (at a rather obsessive rate), and read and taken notes on all of the books that people have recommended, and I think I am now ready to try my first batch. I have all of the things I need to...
  4. S

    HP soap, fragrance faded with time

    Hello, I am new to soap making. I had a few failures because I completely ignored recipes, but few last batches were very good. I make hot process soap. My problem is fragrance. I added about 4-6% of essential oils (palmarosa, patchouli, lavender, don't remember exact combination. One batch...