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  1. Savage Daughter

    ❤️ Reminds me of my grandmother cooking for us 😊

    This video, this channel, is pure peace ❤️ Reminds me of my grandmother's cooking, of her land, of all the plants I had surrounding me growing up....minus the family drama gong-show😂 I'm sure this family also has their own personal gong-show, as we all do :) Love their videos nonetheless! The...
  2. Black Cherry Soap #2

    Black Cherry Soap #2

    Black Cherry Soap #2. Small batch (2 bars) of soap made with black cherries for SCC Food & Drink challenge. Method described in this thread:
  3. Black Cherries & Paprika - aka Black Cherries Soap #3

    Black Cherries & Paprika - aka Black Cherries Soap #3

    Made for SCC June 2019 challenge, advanced category, using 1:8 ratio of food to oils. I puréed the cherries, prepared natural colorants, created the water replacement drinks from scratch & made this soap via CPOP. Smells divine, like baked goods, no added fragrance. Link
  4. Black Cherry Rimmed Soap - 2019June10_001

    Black Cherry Rimmed Soap - 2019June10_001

    Experimental Black Cherry soap made with a 1:8 ratio of purée to oils in the filling of the rim. The Rim was also experimental using alkanet root powder as colorant to achieve a deep purple, buttermilk was also added to the batter for the rim. Rim made June 9, final soap made June 10, 2019.
  5. Rimmed Hearts 2018 & 2019_001

    Rimmed Hearts 2018 & 2019_001

    Chasing the Perfect Rimmed Heart experiments. Blue rimmed heart July 26, 2019. Purple rimmed Black Cherry soap June 10, 2019. The Black Cherry purple rimmed hearts are a practice soap for the SCC Food & Drink challenge. Fondant Mat used in making the purple rim on June 9, 2019.
  6. Alkanet Deep Purple_001

    Alkanet Deep Purple_001

    Deep purple,almost black from Alkanet root powder. The cannabis leaf soap I made June 9, 2019 is from the same batch as the rims on the Black Cherry soap made the next day. Black Cherry purée used at 1:8 ratio to oils in round soap centers. Practice for SCC Food & Drink challenge.
  7. cmzaha

    Instant Pot Chicken Soup

    Made the parents Chicken Soup in the Instant Pot today. I won't go as far as to say it is instant...:smallshrug: I did discover 20 min of high pressure does not fully cook a whole chicken, which was okay since I needed to pull it apart. got the chicken done, Chopped and caramelized all the...
  8. KimT2au

    Food stuffs in soap and preservatives

    Hi all I have been watching videos and reading posts about people using things like pumpkin puree and sweet potato puree in their soap and how yummy it is. I understand that the purees have combined with the soap and the portion of the puree that is enclosed within the soap is starved of...
  9. V

    Fresh additives in the CP

    My husband asked me a question: why waste the good produce if the lye will burn all the goodness anyway and all that will be left only fiber and maybe a color. Isn't better just to eat those strawberries, bananas, avocado and drink the beer, champagne and wine? :?: First, I wanted to argue with...