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  1. K

    Lather booster for a foaming cleanser?

    Hi guys, I made a foaming cleanser with about 50/50 Castile soap and water, and added about 20% almond oil and 5% honey. I'm looking for an additive that can make the foam a bit more fluffy/dense? It's a rich foam but it kind of "melts" around the edges after you pump it out. Other than that...
  2. P

    liquid soap has white foam

    Hello :) I made a batch of soap with 500g olive oil, 200g coconut, 150 castor oil. I used 164g KOH ( with 494g water for KOH ) my KOH has a 100% purity, and calculated with 5% superfat. It came to trace just fine and then i left it sit in oven 6 hours in residual heat and then it looked...
  3. Soapandso

    Bath Bomb Cupcake

    Hi there, I ahve been trying to make a melt and pour soap that I can have as a scrub soap (with sugar) and pipe onto the top of bath bomb bases. I think I use foaming bath butter with melt and pour for a piped soap that hardens but do you know how much sugar I add and will it remain in a state...