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  1. Katy Brown

    Roses in cold processed soap

    I am new to soaping. I got some roses as a gift and was wondering if they can be used in a soap recipe as fresh petals, or rose water?
  2. Pepsiandjac

    What flowers can I use

    Hiya, I haven’t made soap for a while due to Ill health ,and the fact I’ve got enough soap to last me 20 years lol,but as winter is approaching ,instead of leaving all the flowers in my garden going to waste and dying I thought I would dry any that can be used in cp soap. Does anyone know what...
  3. ClayBieCharms Polymer Clay Seaturtle Kawaii Succulents

    ClayBieCharms Polymer Clay Seaturtle Kawaii Succulents

    Polymer Clay turtle with succulents by CLAYBIECHARMS
  4. Greenmeadow

    A rose garden inspired soap

    Made this soap with my daughter,inspired by the bunch of roses she got for her 20th birthday ! Used coconut oil, Palm , olive , Shea butter and castor oil , fragranced with Vanilla sandalwood patchouli and and a hint of nectarine blossom . Multilayers poured and hanger swirled it in 8s and came...