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  1. Wendy90292

    The "One Recipe" Theory - Question

    I've made about 25 batches over 2 years. I've collected recipes from various books and websites, some by AnnMarie. There are a few I like well enough, although many of them seem to have one problem or another: they distort the mica colors when added; they dissolve too quickly (less than 2...
  2. S

    Soapalooza Must Haves?

    Soapalooza is having a free shipping event from now until midnight Sunday, May 10. No minimum order is required. What are your favorites from them? :grin:
  3. M

    ISO a "Natural" Smelling Vanilla FO

    Hi everyone. I'm searching for a vanilla fragrance oil that has a very natural, non-chemical scent. Kind of like the old version of The Body Shop's Vanilla Perfume Oil. I've only heard a few other people complain about this, so I think this is just a case of us being hypersensitive, but my...