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  1. Nicolesica

    Oh Lordy, I need help

    Since I’m new, I feel like I should start off with I do know how to make soap. My son had eczema when he was little, so my only option was to make his soap—he’d break out using anything else. But they weren’t fancy soaps, by any means. Purely utilitarian. But a couple years ago, I met the most...
  2. T

    I seem to hit thick trace very quickly every time

    So I'm pretty new to CP soapmaking, a few batches in, and I noticed that every batch I've made so far seems to reach thick trace relatively quickly. Like, when I get to the point where I'm pouring in the mold my batter is pudding-like. I know false trace is a thing, but I don't believe that's...
  3. Vera S

    Re batching false trace soap

    hi everybody, i made soap yesterday, which ‘traced’ immediately after i poured the lye mixture ( lye with green tea and tumeric tea) wich i had chilled) into the oil mix (coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax) it turned into a thick pudding like consistency as soon as i...
  4. R

    Is my soap safe to use ?

    Hello everyone.. I have been experimenting with my new soap making recipes. Yesterday I had the following sequence of events with my new batch of soap (Mix of Olive, Coconut, Neem & Castor oil, with calculations from SoapCalc) 1) As soon as poured the lye water in oil, it immediately showed...
  5. Melissa Torre

    Repeated False Trace

    Hello all! Thanks for having me! So, little background,I’m a chef, and have been soaping professionally for about three years now...I have never (other than some sweating) had a problem with production until now...for the past few months every batch of soap false traces! It happens as soon as...
  6. L

    First ever CP batch - is it ok?

    Hi all, I had a great idea to make soap for my Christmas presents and over the weekend I made my first ever CP soap batch and in hindsight, I realise I should have used a much simpler recipe but I made a honey soap from this page https://www.savvyhomemade.com/honeycomb-soap-recipe/ I was...
  7. ferret

    Mix it, Stir it Up

    How do you use your hand held blender. Yesterday I made a batch of lavendar- lemongrass 50%coconut 10%olive 40%palm. And I blended with 5 second bursts and hand stirred. I seem to have a history of getting a false trace or my soap overheats and/ or separates, so I'm trying to cut that out. 8-)...
  8. C

    False trace or just too much water?

    Hi everyone. I'm new to making cp soaps, so bare with me :). I made a olive oil-heavy recipe and after almost 24 hours it is still thick pudding (no oil separation however). I did use full water which I've never done previously and should know better not to do that with 60% oo. I was trying...
  9. aediana

    false trace?

    dian hi, i just started making soaps and just finished my third batch. my recipe consists of the following: Castor oil 60g Coconut oil 350g Soybean oil 250g Palm oil 350g Olive oil 450g Lye 206g Water 555g (divided to green tea & coconut milk 370g and 185g for the lye) 50ml of green tea and...