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  1. bobbychandra

    I failed my soap twice in 2 days

    I'm sorry for my bad english. I'm from indonesia. I speak in indonesia n javanese everyday. 🙂 Yesterday i made 2 batch of soap. Its my first time using sodium lactate on my soap. I'm using the same formula but different addictive (fragrance, mica and natural powder) for the both soap Lye conct...
  2. S

    Lye Mess up, Help Plz

    Hello, amazing soap makers, I'm new to soap and have lye heavy soap. I put my recipe through a calculator, but id not notice that it was for liquid soap and not solid. Recipe i i followed thinking was for solid soap Lye 2.78oz, water 6.22oz. Oils= olive oil 5.4oz 40%, castor 0.68oz 5%, plam...
  3. A

    HELP lye heavy soap

    Hi all. I have been making soap for a while now. Usually cold pressed, but some hot. I have made a batch today very very lye heavy. I was premixing 2:1 lye and added the wrong bucket to recipe. Can i save the mix? Just wondering if this batch can saponify then i divide it into new hot process...
  4. G

    Newbie question on first ever batch with pics

    Hello! I just joined this forum today and have spent lots of time reading all the wonderful information here... especially the pictures of failures! I was hoping to get the answer to my question there but my first ever batch is a little different. I'm suspecting perhaps lye pockets/heavy...