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  1. Garden Gives Me Joy

    Facial moisturizer: choosing base oils & usage rates of EOs like tea tree oil

    Is there some way, like looking at the fatty acid profile to calculate or otherwise know the levels of absorption of different oils? ... Alternatively, is there a website with comparative scores on key characteristics like absorption, clean feeling, etc? If not, which is a faster absorbing oil...
  2. Purplerain

    I have been waiting for this moment!

    Oil of Olay bottle finally empty! Yahoo! So, today I tried making a moisturizer for daily use on my 66 (barely) year old skin. I was aiming for non-pore clogging, as un-greasy as as possible, small (1 4 oz. jar) batch, just for me. The end result was pretty, filled 1 1/2 4 oz. jars, probably...