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  1. K

    Can extract be used in Castile LS

    I’ve been making liquid Castile soap for quite a while, I’ve been having a hard time finding peppermint EO. I have extract(now mind you I know it can’t be added to cold process….) can I use peppermint extract in diluted Castile soap instead of EO?
  2. S

    Mango Butter Extracted from Seeds

    Hi. I'm the husband of a 1yr tenured, talented soap/candle maker. Here in Florida mangos are in season and my lady asked me if I could get mango butter from some seeds. I read up on line and said, "no, sorry, no one does it. You need a hydraulic press or solvents." In order to get what she...
  3. BattleGnome

    extracts vs infusion

    A couple weeks ago I set up oregano in vodka to make an extract. the original idea was to make an oregano extract to add to a marinara/Italian themed soap. After I had a chance to think about it I realized I should have set up the oregano to infuse into olive oil. Can I still use my extract in...
  4. L

    Plant Extract

    Hi! I'm lucy, new to cp soap making. I've been seeing a plant extracts in my supplier's shop (aloe vera, oat protein etc.). How do i use this? Is it comparable to using fresh aloe vera? I haven't been seeing a lot of info online. Thanks in advance. :)