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  1. Alkanet Color Mixing_002

    Alkanet Color Mixing_002

    Alkanet powder color experiments - 2019June03: Alkanet added to Lye is lighter; Alkanet in sugar water is darker
  2. Black Cherry Rimmed Soap - 2019June10_001

    Black Cherry Rimmed Soap - 2019June10_001

    Experimental Black Cherry soap made with a 1:8 ratio of purée to oils in the filling of the rim. The Rim was also experimental using alkanet root powder as colorant to achieve a deep purple, buttermilk was also added to the batter for the rim. Rim made June 9, final soap made June 10, 2019.
  3. Rimmed Hearts 2018 & 2019_001

    Rimmed Hearts 2018 & 2019_001

    Chasing the Perfect Rimmed Heart experiments. Blue rimmed heart July 26, 2019. Purple rimmed Black Cherry soap June 10, 2019. The Black Cherry purple rimmed hearts are a practice soap for the SCC Food & Drink challenge. Fondant Mat used in making the purple rim on June 9, 2019.
  4. Alkanet Deep Purple_001

    Alkanet Deep Purple_001

    Deep purple,almost black from Alkanet root powder. The cannabis leaf soap I made June 9, 2019 is from the same batch as the rims on the Black Cherry soap made the next day. Black Cherry purée used at 1:8 ratio to oils in round soap centers. Practice for SCC Food & Drink challenge.
  5. Hemp +Vinegar Oil Soap - 2017July31

    Hemp +Vinegar Oil Soap - 2017July31

    100% Hemp Oil Soap with 2% SA via added vinegar made July 31, 2017 [32% Lye Concentration] 0% SF ROE & EDTA and pale green mica added
  6. Seawolfe

    Adventures in indigo - mix with oil & CPOP - overheating?

    Ok so I guess Soap Queen has a tutorial where she disperses powdered indigo with some oil from the batch, and uses that to color part of the batch. More disturbingly I have lately found my husband watching these Soap Queen videos about making swirls, muttering darkly to himself and twiddling...