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  1. SoapWelding 2019June16

    SoapWelding 2019June16

    Soap Welding experiment based on Grace's technique as described in her eBook and this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5VwCpAhdWI Cut into 3 pieces & welded back together via water at joins, tightly wrapped in plastic wrap & into 200° oven for 10-20 minutes, then cooled.
  2. M

    Melt and pour and cp!!!!!

    I have a bunch of Melt and pour cupcake soap bases, and want to do some intricate piping on them with Cold process piping is that something that will work out? Has anyone tried this????
  3. S

    Soaping with unknown oil

    Hi, I'm from Bangalore India, and recently had a chance to visit a rural oil mill where they produce cold pressed castor oil. I was shown another oil that the local villagers and tribals supposedly use in soapmaking and is also supposed to be great for the hair. It's made from the seeds of the...
  4. DiddlyO

    Not sure if this is gross, but...

    I have been doing a lot of reading about soap, silk, shampoo bars etc.. And I'm quite prone to experimentation... I'm on my fifth or so batch of soap and thought I would try a shampoo bar. So ambitiously, I thought I would make it with beer as the liquid. While reading I discovered people are...
  5. thinkativeone

    100% Coconut Oil Cleaning Soap

    I know I haven't posted in ages, sorry, guys. Won't go into it deeply but it's a good thing I've stayed away from making soap for awhile, an illness and loss in our family and a ridiculous amount of work done on our only vehicle in just over 1 month... But fall is here! And that means the...