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  1. Makers Vlog 4 | POWER TOOLS? | MO River Soap

    Makers Vlog 4 | POWER TOOLS? | MO River Soap

    Holly @ Missouri River Soaps demonstrates power tools adapted to soap making. I particularly like the Cocoa Butter cutting demonstration.
  2. Bevel Tool 2019May_001

    Bevel Tool 2019May_001

    My new bevel tool purchased May 2019 from Lee Valley ( With practice I am getting better. Not yet as good as IrishLass does (, but I really like the look and feel of soaps with this bevel. Thank you, IrishLass!
  3. HobbitonHarpy

    Is m&p harder to cut than cp or hp?

    I bought a soap cutting box and altered it to make it also a log splitter to trim the uneven tops of my m&p bars. I used the recommended 16 (gauge?) guitar string and everything, but it won't hardly cut. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Kesten

    Sourcing equipment

    I am one of those folks that started thinking about making soap 30 seconds ago - well perhaps more like 30 days ago. I live in Regina and I am having trouble finding "storefront" locations where I can buy the basic soap making equipment - does anyone have any suggestions in Saskatchewan or...
  5. cursivearts

    Equipment Question(s)

    One, what do you soap in? Like, what container to do you mix lye in and what do you mix the lye and oils in? And what do you use when you have to split off batches for dye? Right now I use a big stainless steel pot for mixing and a large pyrex measuring cup for the lye, but the pot is almost...
  6. S

    scaling up

    so I've been making small batches of HP soap in a crockpot with a stick blender, and selling them to friends and family, onlinem etc. Around thanksgiving I added a second smaller crockpot and now I make 2 1/2 times the amount of soap every time. I realized I'm now spending several days a month...