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  1. N

    Embedding soap in soap

    Morning Soap friends, Trying to embed some red soap hearts in melt and pour clear soap. Using the normal method - Step1. I fill half the mould, wait for it to solidify. Step 2. spray alcohol. Step 3. Place the soap heart into onto the alcohol (which make as a thin translucent layer, which is...
  2. K

    lye ratio, masterbatching and embeds?

    Hi guys, i have some questions about lye and masterbatching in regards to soap embeds ☻ I always use lye at a 2:1 ratio for a 32oz batch of soap using soap calc and adjusting the lye ratio and then getting my oil values etc. not sure why do this but I believe it was the ratio used in my first...
  3. Handmade embeds for my gentlemans soap

    Handmade embeds for my gentlemans soap

    Hand moulded hats and 'stashes
  4. S

    How to make soap dough?!

    I have been searching it seems forever and I cannot figure out how to make soap dough! The information I found said to use your usual recipe, and I want to use my usual recipe but I don’t know what I am supposed to do different to turn it into soap dough. Also.. does it harden? I want to make...
  5. Michelle Ponder

    First attempt at embeds

  6. Amonik

    Soap dough embeds

    I just made some soap dough, and am itching to try it for embeds. The plan is to roll ”sticks” out of the dough and lay them lengthwise in my loaf mould, pour a base colour and get spotted soap when I cut the bars. I have some questions for the forum, because I’ve never moved beyond simple...
  7. msunnerstood's HP Rim Soap

    msunnerstood's HP Rim Soap

    Entry photo by msunnerstood for June 2019 Rimmed Soap Challenge. This is an HP Black & White rimmed soap with embeds. Description link: https://www.soapmakingforum.com/threads/june-2019-smf-challenge-rimmed-soap-entry-thread.75490/#post-775325
  8. R

    Making Embeds

    I am watching videos which show how to make embeds. It was stated that the embeds must be the same type of base as the other soap they are going in. So using a MP soap to make embeds or buying pre-made ones won't work with making a HP/ CP soap right? So if I want to make embeds I imagine I...
  9. A

    HP Embed Separated

    I've been doing hot process for some time now. I decided it was time to branch out and experiment with some embeds. The recipe for both the embed and base were the same except for the additives. One had Spirulina and Rosemary EO and was made 3 days in advanced. The main part of the soap had...
  10. Neptune

    Mixing Soaps CP and MP

    What would be needed to make a CP Embed and get it to sit correctly in a Semi-transparent MP soap? Do I spray rubbing alcohol on the embed or what gets it to set correctly? Oh, and how do I get TiO2 to turn Goat milk CP soap pure white instead of and off-white/tan color?
  11. K

    Playing with HP Swirls

    I wasn't sure where to post this so please correct me if there is a better place. As most of you... patience is NOT my virtue! So I've been playing with my HP batches trying to get some creative results. I was pretty happy with this one. Forgive the crappy photos. I'm moving and only had my...
  12. Seawolfe

    CPOP French green clay with indigo embeds

    Moving on from the indigo journey, I made a soap this weekend using French green clay. I also tried a new recipe that added palm and hemp oil to the basic olive, coconut and castor oils. I used 2 tsp per pound of soap of the French green clay per SMR website, mixed in a little water stolen...