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  1. PanicAtTheDitto

    New Soap/Bath Bomb Maker!!

    Hey you guys! My name is Kelsey, I have been making soap (melt & pour and a couple good cold process batches) for about 6 months now. Im about to start experimenting with bath bombs and wanted some advice about a recipe I wanted to try. Ingredients I wanted to use would be citric acid, baking...
  2. J

    What Are Your Favourite Dyes and Colourants?

    I'm wondering what everyone's favourite dyes and colourants are for use in Bath Bombs! I'm currently trying to perfect my recipe but the colourants are something that I'm stumped on.. mainly which ones are good and where to buy them! Especially where to buy them. Anyone want to share their...
  3. NaturallyYou

    To Dye Or Not To Dye?

    I am already in love with this site - so many friendly people and lots of valuable information :) Another question I have is about soaps and dyes/colors... Eventually I want to have a variety of soaps in my arsenal, which I would love to make different colors to add to the "variety look." BUT -...