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  1. Kosmerta

    Would you use a website dedicated to cataloguing fragrance dupes?

    I was looking at Crafter's Choice Angel type FO yesterday and I was reading the reviews trying to figure out how close it smells to the perfume. One in particular stuck out to me, the review wrote "I've tried a bunch of Angel dupes and this one by far smells the closest to the real thing!" And...
  2. Dianae

    South of France Green Tea dupe

    There are a couple of products who’s scents are similar and I’m looking to duplicate: The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea and the South of France Green Tea. I emailed the SoF and they kindly shared which Essential oils they used (see below). I wanted to make a laundry soap using these but quickly...
  3. BattleGnome

    Deodorant Duping

    I love the deodorant I made from the giant funky pits thread (https://www.soapmakingforum.com/threads/de-funk-de-pits.60682/) but my plumbing has other ideas. Instead of cleaning my pipes every month I picked up a Tom’s of Maine product without wax aluminum, or baking soda that I’m enjoying...
  4. GVKW

    Are there any dupes for Neutrogena Body Oil's scent?

    It's my boyfriend's absolute favorite and I have no idea how to recreate it for CP...
  5. BattleGnome

    Irish Spring Clone

    My brother in law only uses Irish Spring. Last month my sister told me that she thought he was using a bar I had given her but when she asked him about it a new bar of Irish Spring suddenly moved from the closet to the shower. I've given her bars from just about every batch I've made so if he...