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  1. thessalystra

    Is it possible for a normal CP Soap to be super drying on the skin?

    So, I've been using a bar of CP soap from my 4th or 5th batch (I'm new to all of this) and for the last 2 days I've got dry skins on my arm. Just one arm, and just this batch. It's a honey soap with cinnamon FO (not EO) at only 3% PPO. Right before this one I used another soap (from another...
  2. D

    Soap Drying skin

    HI all, Newbie, wondering if my Fragrance oil is making my soap drying to my skin. I used Energy from Bambleberry, according to my soap calc it should be very conditioning one batch 62 on SoapCalc and the other 59. superfatted both one at 6% and did the other at 10% to see if it would help...