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  1. SpaceCorgi94

    First time using milk + First drop swirl

    2nd attempt at soap making! This is a cocoa + milk drop swirl, with pine fragrance. This time I tried a few different things including: - a drop swirl!! (wooo the thing I got into this hobby for yaay) - cutting down on the number of ingredients - substituting water with milk in my lye solution...
  2. elurah

    Lavender and Heavy Cream; indigo drop swirl.

    I made this soap 3/31/2020, and was able to cut it 4/1/2020 after 18 hours in the mold. I was originally planning to have one thin line of indigo in the middle that was made from a drop swirl, but I ended making more of the blue part than needed o_O. I still really like the way it came out...
  3. Zing

    First drop swirl

    My first drop swirl. Smells awesome, 50/50 lavender/litsea cubeba. My best top ever.
  4. seven

    Latest soaps

    Goats milk, oatmeal, and manuka honey. Scented with OMH (freakin love this scent!). Pink tiger stripes for V-day.. scented with love spell dupe.. Blackberry raspberry swirl.. Tienne, this is the lopsided edge soap i was talking about. notice the soap in the middle, the edge is different...