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  1. Marsi  2022AugSMF entry

    Marsi 2022AugSMF entry

    @Marsi entry for August 2022 SMF Challenge - Dual Swirl Techniques in one Soap
  2. gardengeek  2022AugSMF entry

    gardengeek 2022AugSMF entry

    @gardengeek entry for August 2022 SMF Challenge - Dual Swirl Techniques in one Soap
  3. WhittanyWho

    Beer and Hard Cider Soaps

    These behaved better than any beer soaps I’ve ever made before. I’m just a little excited at how these turned out. This one is made with truck stop honey ale, scented in Kentucky bourbon, and colored with mad micas. This one is made with angry orchard hard cider, scented in an Aqua di gio...
  4. SpaceCorgi94

    First time using milk + First drop swirl

    2nd attempt at soap making! This is a cocoa + milk drop swirl, with pine fragrance. This time I tried a few different things including: - a drop swirl!! (wooo the thing I got into this hobby for yaay) - cutting down on the number of ingredients - substituting water with milk in my lye solution...
  5. elurah

    Lavender and Heavy Cream; indigo drop swirl.

    I made this soap 3/31/2020, and was able to cut it 4/1/2020 after 18 hours in the mold. I was originally planning to have one thin line of indigo in the middle that was made from a drop swirl, but I ended making more of the blue part than needed o_O. I still really like the way it came out...
  6. Zing

    First drop swirl

    My first drop swirl. Smells awesome, 50/50 lavender/litsea cubeba. My best top ever.
  7. seven

    Latest soaps

    Goats milk, oatmeal, and manuka honey. Scented with OMH (freakin love this scent!). Pink tiger stripes for V-day.. scented with love spell dupe.. Blackberry raspberry swirl.. Tienne, this is the lopsided edge soap i was talking about. notice the soap in the middle, the edge is different...