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  1. VeggieOPeach

    My DIY Soap Hanger Tool

    Hi everyone, I thought to go ahead and post this for some extra opinions, but I tried to create my own soap hanger tool using a hanger wire, some straws, and then ducktape. Also, I tried looking at some DIY videos regarding this handcrafted tool, and for the most part, people just stick with...
  2. S

    Soap Slab Cutter Diy

    Just wondering if there are diy plans for making your own slab loaf cutter? I have the dough pan aka soap slab molds. It measures 12 x 24 x 3 Id like to make a cutter to cut the slab in about 4 loaves. Any ideas? I just cant buy the new expensive ones just yet because we are trying to recover...
  3. Techie Joe

    Home made wire soap cutter

    Hi, Not sure if this has been described before, and apologies for the hacker nature of the idea. Cutting blade can be made from a guitar string (a broken one will do), clamped into a Piercing saw. (many types of saw will do, hacksaw, coping saw, etc. As long as there is a way to clamp/fix the...
  4. A

    Hanger Swirl / Gear tie

    Hi there! This is my very first post on SMF! Yay! Thanks to all the posters in this community. You've been soooo helpful! so, I am starting to experiment with design and don't want to buy any more tools, But I have a huge crush on the hanger swirl and hidden feather. Is there a go to that...