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  1. gildedgoose

    Tallow and Designs

    Hello fellow soapers! So I am brand new to the tallow soap making world. I have loved the bars I’ve bought and used from others and would love to incorporate tallow in my recipes. I jumped right in feet first and all was going well, however, my concern is the trace. My soap came to a nice slow...
  2. katiemarie1986

    Butterfly Swirl

    So I am pretty excited about this soap! My design came through on enough bars to make it worth the effort LOL I used Atomic Orange, Love and Sunshine, and Titanium Dioxide from Nurture, and the scent is Awaken by Nurture. I call this bar Hello Sunshine! One of my best sellers with a new design...
  3. Soapandso

    Rice paper designs

    I recently had an idea to use rice paper designs in clear melt and pour soap, in particular mini playing cards. Has anyone tried this? The designs have blurred and smudged but I wandered if I was actually doing something wrong, or is it an impossible dream!:):)