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  1. Makers Vlog 4 | POWER TOOLS? | MO River Soap

    Makers Vlog 4 | POWER TOOLS? | MO River Soap

    Holly @ Missouri River Soaps demonstrates power tools adapted to soap making. I particularly like the Cocoa Butter cutting demonstration.
  2. Zing

    First time it didn't gel, questions

    Soap people, I'm having a new experience and could use your wisdom. On Saturday I made soap using my long-time tried and true recipe including sodium lactate. Here's the ONLY thing that was different than other times: I soaped at room temperature (my normal is 100+ degrees F) and my soap did...
  3. C

    Soap cracking...

    Hello. I made a few small batches of CP soap using different oils and butters and every time I slice them they crack at the bottom and some at the side making my bars quite useless. I left it to cure for different length of time: 24 hours, 72 hours and one of them made with softer oils for one...