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  1. soapythekid

    Bars Keep Cracking When Cut

    Hi all, I am having a problem on a consistent basis and I can't figure out what's causing it. When I cut my bars, they fracture and crack. Usually the bottom corner breaks off but sometimes it's a bigger chunk of the bottom half. Please see attached photos. The middle of the bars have all these...
  2. P

    cutting it too late?

    Hi everyone! 2 days ago I made a batch of soap with new reciepe 50% OO, 15% PKO, 10% Babassu, 5% Castor, 20% Red Palm Oil. 7% SF, w(NaOH)=33,33%, 1%SL, 2% SC, 1% NaCl. After molding I put it in hot but switched off oven for gel it. Yesterday (after 18 hours) I unmolded it. It was very...