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  1. Martha

    What kind of cutter is this?

    Can anyone tell me what kind of cutter this is and where to find it in the US? Is it even made for cutting soap? Looks like it could work well. Has anyone ever used one and could give it a review? I saw it on a YT video.
  2. Alzie

    Soap cutter reviews?

    hello! I was hoping to get thoughts on what multi bar cutter and single bar cutter everyone likes. My mom has amazingly offered to get me one of each for my b-day and there are a lot of options out there! I'm leaning towards the powder coated metal ones, but am open to see what everyone thinks...
  3. Techie Joe

    Home made wire soap cutter

    Hi, Not sure if this has been described before, and apologies for the hacker nature of the idea. Cutting blade can be made from a guitar string (a broken one will do), clamped into a Piercing saw. (many types of saw will do, hacksaw, coping saw, etc. As long as there is a way to clamp/fix the...
  4. R

    Soap Cutter-Homemade? Bought? What do you like

    Has anyone made and have plans fore a good wire cutter? What cutters have you bought and liked, disliked?