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    Help! Ginger too strong

    I made a fun Ginger, Carrot and Turmeric Soap for your face. I used homemade ginger tea as part of my lye water solution. I did a lather test and the antiseptic properties of Ginger is very strong right now on my skin. Should I expect it to become more gentle with curing since the water will...
  2. M

    Fast Curing

    hi everyone ! i want to cure my recipe faster (50%OO, 28%CO, 12%Beef Tallow, 10%Castor, 5%Super Fat) right now i use 38% water as a % of oils , and i read that the discount of water help to cure soap quickly. so how much discount i need to make ? Or do you suggest me to add any other...
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    A bath to help cure insomnia?

    Hello all! I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to help cure my sleep issues one step at a time and I'm now giving baths a go to see if it can help me relax and detoxify. I developed insomnia after an operation last year and now I would just like to get back on with regular life; not waking up...
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    Salt Bars?

    Hi everyone! I made my first salt bars yesterday, and I'm wondering about a few things. Do they go through gel phase? I didn't use a colorant, so they're pure white, and they never got that "gel phase" look that my regualar cold process soap gets. I know they get really hard really fast, so...